Investing in Iran

Our law Firm (French-Iranian) can help you export to this country or even to settle there.

Our cknowledge of the Farsi (Persian) language will be a real asset in the negotiations with your Iranian partners.

Iran is a market of 80 million young consumers with high purchasing power and hungry for foreign products.

Iran benefits from great potentials largely under exploited at present due to its isolation on the international scene.

It is also a market with huge needs in consumer goods, capital goods, and major infrastructure projects (electricity, water, housing, transportation, etc.).

Production costs (labor, energy, etc.) are low and the workforce is highly skilled.

Iran, because of its geographical location, is also an ideal base for exporting to the region and its energy resources are a great attraction for foreign investment. Investors may also consider moving to Dubai or Qatar and exporting from there to Iran.

Iran has adopted the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act which secures foreign investment within its border, and unlike many emerging countries, there is no law requiring foreign companies to partner with a local player to launch their business. Thus, a multinational company can open a subsidiary in Iran and keep control of all of its capital.

To attract foreign investment while capturing know-how, buy-back systems have been set up in which the return on investment made by the foreign partner can be repatriated using the goods and services produced by the project.

In terms of investment, Iranians favour investors with a long-term strategy who can also transfer technology.

Many public contracts are also available for French investors, and, as in the other sectors, it is essentially European and Chinese companies which, for the time being, bid for them.

The areas of intervention of our law Firm in Iran refer to:

  • Study of the project feasibility,
  • Relations with local authorities,
  • Obtaining permits and licenses,
  • Drafting of legal acts,
  • Agent contract, distribution, representation,
  • Advice and support for investors in French and Persian,
  • Iranian company law,
  • Representative Office and Branches,
  • International contract law with clause attributing jurisdiction to the French courts in the event of litigation.