Family Office

ARPEGE LAW FIRM activities include Multi Family Office. As an independent law firm, we have no subordinate relationship or capital tie-up with our clients, or our partners (including banking institutions).
Our advice is therefore impartial and in the exclusive interest of our clients.

Preserving, developing and protecting the family patrimony are the main missions of ARPEGE LAW FIRM.

Our vocation is to support our clients (families and entrepreneurs) in the structuring, the management, the development and sustainability of their private assets, in a complex and fluctuating financial, fiscal and legal environment.

With the support of its expert’s network, ARPEGE LAW FIRM assists you in increasing your wealth, from identifying the optimal solution best suitable to your situation, to its implementation.

ARPEGE LAW FIRM operates as a “one stop shop” which allows you to concentrate in one place all operations related to your assets.

ARPEGE LAW FIRM also ensures the creation, domiciliation and life of your companies. It foresees potential litigation and negotiates if necessary with all the parties, for a quick and effective solution.

The intervention of ARPEGE LAW FIRM is designed so that your heritage is no longer a source of concern.
This includes the management of all administrative aspects: management of your staff, drafting, negotiation and management of your contracts, declarations to the relevant authorities, negotiation and supervision of the construction work in your villas and apartments, negotiation and construction site follow-up with the architects.

As soon as our engagement letter is set up, we carry out a wealth auditing, which allows us to assist you in the structuring, organization and transmission of your private and professional assets.
Thanks to the access to “off market” investment products, including properties, we can offer you unique solutions with real profitability.

After defining a policy objectives phase, ARPEGE LAW FIRM ensures the construction, valuation and transmission of your assets to your beneficiaries. Our vocation is to find for you and with you the project, the legal support or the type of investment that suits you best. At any time, you remain in control of the final decision, and for this purpose, a clear and concise quarterly “reporting” guaranties you that our actions are in line with your interests and decisions.Property is often an important part of the entrepreneurs and families wealth that we support. Real estate and real estate law are the heart of our know-how especially on the French Riviera, in Paris and in Courchevel.
We are based in Cannes and we have a presence from Saint-Tropez to Monaco. Large families have already given us their trust.

Whether residential, professional, commercial or investment property, a lawyer will accompany you in a global perspective of your real estate strategy.

He will first perform a diagnosis of the current situation to assess all sources of optimization, and then he redefines your goals in terms of ownership, performance and transmission.You will be supported and advised in connection with the sale or purchase of real estate.You stay in control of your decisions based on your availability and your preferences.

Our goal is to facilitate the management, the acquisition or sale transactions, the financing, and to study the tax consequences.

Being ourselves entrepreneurs in the soul, our ambition is to assist other entrepreneurs so that they focus on the development of their business, and offload the obligations of everyday life.

Because for an entrepreneur time is precious, we act as a one-stop shop, able to support you and assist you in managing your personal and professional wealth.

We can also take care of the entrepreneur and his family insurance coverage, the expenses negotiation, the drafting of legal acts, the financial optimization. The Family Office allows you to saves time, and ensures the comfort and security of being advised by experienced lawyers.

Family governance brings together the reflections of each family on intergenerational transmission and the involvement of family members in the management of their heritage. It is generally structured around a governance charter that organizes entrepreneurial and financial projects. Beyond the preservation of financial assets, the role of the Family Office is to facilitate the transmission of family identity, and foster dialogue between generations.

An independent Family Office such as ARPEGE LAW FIRM differs from private banks and asset management companies in the breadth of its field of intervention and the unique defense of its clients’ interests. Thus, we select only the products and services corresponding to the real needs of our customers, without any contingency.

ARPEGE LAW FIRM ensures coordination between the different professionals around you, and this saves you time. Your heritage experts, be they notaries, bankers, insurers, accountants or architects, will work in synergy and their advice will become more efficient and more responsive.

Finally, it is important to note that financial assets never pass through the accounts of an independent Family Office. Indeed, your securities and your cash are held at your usual custodians.

The financial gains associated with a Family Office intervention are often immediate, and the anticipation of legal issues, performance improvements, and risk control is exceedingly valuable.

By definition, the multi-family office devotes its activity to several families. Just because of cost sharing, the overall cost of wealth management is lower than a Mono Family office.

By offering you the services of ARPEGE LAW FIRM, you save time, security and comfort.

Thanks to our daily presence and the defence of your interests, you will be able to devote more time to your family.

Our contracts are quarterly or semi-annual and renewable. You can therefore decide to stop our service at no cost and at any time.

We are first and foremost Lawyers and the very essence of our profession is the professional secrecy. We guarantee you an optimal degree of confidentiality that other institutions can not guarantee. Our profession is a regulated profession and governed by strict principles that preserve you from speculative drifts.

We are competent to intervene on all sizes of heritage, from the most modest to the most important. We are convinced that tomorrow’s fortunes are being built step by step.