Business criminal law

Business law and criminal business law are inherently linked.

Our Firm is able to intervene effectively, to assist and represent individuals and businesses to manage any criminal business litigation.

The first mission of ARPEGE LAW FIRM is to represent its clients before the different courts and to assist them throughout the judicial proceedings, especially during searches or seizures.

Our team of lawyers in criminal business law will ensure the development of the best possible defence, to manage the litigation effectively. In addition, our expertise allows us to handle all types of offenses.

The Firm can also intervene upstream and in order to control criminal risks, we can conduct an audit of the operation or the files processed by the company.

In matters concerning the criminal business law we are available to inform, advise and train your legal team, as well as the executive management team of your company. Thus, penal coaching is an integral part of our services, to allow you to properly prepare all legal proceedings and other investigations affecting the company.

In the course of trade, a number of misconducts constitute criminal offenses. Indeed, Abuse of Social Property (ABS), breach of trust, theft, fraud, forgery and use of forged documents, bribery, influence peddling, interference or unlawful taking of interest, money laundering, fencing (information, abuse of social property…), blackmail, extortion, fraudulent organization of insolvency, are a harsh reality of the business world and may concern you, personally as a company manager, partner, shareholder or senior executive, as well as your company.

In addition, managers regularly see their personal criminal liability questioned, including for offenses to which they have not personally taken part and which have sometimes been committed by employees under their responsibility (particularly in the area of labor criminal law ).

In parallel, the Consumer Code and the Penal Code also establish specific offenses such as those related to the Hoguet law for real estate agents, or liability for spoiled or toxic products, deception, canvassing, refusal of sale and subordination of sale for merchants.

It should also be noted that in criminal cases, the responsibility of the manager can be engaged and the sanctions pronounced can have serious consequences for the manager and his personal patrimony.

Companies as well as individuals can also be victims of criminal business offenses.

Offenses such as payment fraud, identity theft, fraud, defamation, insult or breach of trust can be handled effectively by our Firm.