Investing in Monaco

Monaco represents an unattainable dream for most investors.

The Principality’s international prestige and the size of its territory (less than 2 km2) make Monegasque real estate a prosperous market, providing investors with many advantages.

Due to the investment facilities, the economic and political stability, the security of real estate investment, the Principality of Monaco is an ideal destination.

The Principality of Monaco offers a remarkable living environment in the heart of Europe and the Mediterranean basin with an exceptional climate.

More than half of the investments are made by foreign non-residents. The French, for their part enjoy the benefits on inheritance costs, and represent a significant share of buyers.

Monaco has a genuine political will to create a dynamic environment for foreign investors, as demonstrated by the simplified procedures for setting up businesses in the area, and extremely low tax rates.

Tourism continues to attract the largest part of foreign investment, and real estate is the other attractive sector of the Principality.

Entrepreneurs in Monaco

Doing business in Monaco, means obtaining authorization from the Prince’s Government. The authorization is granted or refused according to the guarantees offered by the entrepreneur and the interest that the project presents for the Monegasque economy.

ARPEGE LAW FIRM will be able to obtain all the authorizations necessary for your activity, so you can fully commit your business development.

Real estate investment in Monaco

Talented architects allow architectural wonders to come out of the ground in Monaco. The Odeon Tower for example, with its 170 meters high, and the most expensive penthouse in the world measuring 3,300 m2 on 5 floors, has a slide pool and panoramic views of the city and sold for about 9100 Euros per square meter.

Real estate is still very rare and the territory remains small, despite recent extensions to the sea.

Real estate investment in Monaco also has tax advantages. The absence of Estate expenses and capital gains tax, make it a profitable investment.

The conditions for establishing and obtaining permits to live there have become increasingly complex and from now on, only a handful of privileged people can claim to settle there.

When you decide to invest in property in Monaco, you must at least have a budget of 3,000,000 euros to acquire a home and claim a resident visa.

You can also rent accommodation in the Principality but which must match the size of your family and its comfort. In addition, the banks will solicit from you a contribution of minimum 500.000 Euros to open an account.

In this context, our Firm acts as a one-stop shop sparing you the inconvenience of your investment administrative processing.


Our Firm also intervenes to allow you to settle there as simply as possible.

So our mission is:

  • The study of your personal situation
  • The search according to your criterion of a property for sale or for rent
  • Taking care of all administrative procedures for your relocation in Monaco
  • Obtaining visas
  • The organization of your move
  • Welcoming and assistance on the day of your arrival in Monaco,
  • Opening of a bank account (minimum deposit 1,000,000 euros),
  • Driving license and the purchase of your car,
  • The registration of your children in the best schools of the principality,
  • Setting up your business in Monaco (SPECIAL PACK),
  • The guide to integration in Monaco,
  • Any special request.

The Monegasque tax system

The general principle of Monegasque taxation is the total absence of any direct taxation, with two exceptions to this principle:

  1. Companies carrying out more than 25% of their turnover outside the Principality and companies whose activity in Monaco consists in collecting income on patents or literary or artistic property rights, are subject to a income tax of 33.33%.
  2. Natural persons of French nationality, who could not justify 5 years of residence in Monaco on 31/10/1962, are subject to French income tax.

Individuals residing in Monaco (excluding persons of French nationality) are not subject to any tax on income, on capital gains or on investment in the Principality.

Legal governance structures

From the individual company to EIG (economic group of interest) through joint venture, business groups, many legal forms are achievable.

Concerning commercial companies, there are four legal structures:

  • S.N.C, partnership
  • S.C.S, a limited partnership
  • S.C.A, a limited partnership by shares
  • S.A.M, Monegasque public limited company
  • S.A.R.L, limited liability company