Real Estate Law

Real estate is the heart of our know-how.

Buying and selling property is sometimes a lifetime investment and it is essential that you are accompanied by competent professionals.You wish to invest in real estate on the French Riviera, in Paris, or you want to optimize your wealth.

You are looking for personalized advice on commercial leases, unpaid rents, evictions, or precautionary measures.
You want to make a real estate seizure, participate in an auction, or seize remunerations.

Our Firm can assist you and advise you in all these areas. Our know-how in property law is recognized.

The acquisition or sale of property may be linked to the sale of the SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) shares or the creation of a family SCI. Considering the complex legal environment in Corporate law and Real estate law, we will be there to answer all your questions. We will also be able to convene and hold the General Meetings of the SCI, draft the minutes of the General Meeting and assist you in the evaluation of SCI shares.

Our reputation and experience in real estate will be an undeniable advantage. We will advise you in all your projects taking into account the reality of the real estate market and its environment. We will defend your interests before the courts, in the context of your real estate disputes.

Our fields of activity in Real estate law are:

  • Residential leases: unpaid rents, the inventory of fixtures, which is an essential document for each of the two parties to the lease contract, the security deposit, the rental charges, the rental repairs, the decency of housing, the drafting of the residential lease, the termination of the tenancy contract, the refuse of the lease renew and evictions of tenants, the revaluation of the rent.
  • Commercial leases: drafting, transfer, renewal, or termination of the commercial lease, summons to pay the late rent, the removal of upper rental limit, and business sale.
  • Co-ownership law: General meeting of co-owners, co-ownership regulations, litigation resulting from claims such as water damage or nuisance of tenants or neighbours, insurance of co-owners, relations with the property manager, co-ownership fees, common portions of condominium, contestation of general meeting, authorization of general meeting of co-owners.
  • Mortgage taking on real estate in the context of debt collection.
  • Purchase or Sale of a residential property: sale agreement, value of real estate, return on investment.
  • Purchase or Sale of commercial property: sale agreement, valuation of commercial property, return on investment, rental of commercial premises with commercial lease.
  • Construction and responsibility of the builders: building contract of detached houses, property developers’ contracts, proponent’s responsibility, the contracting authority obligations, litigation with an architect or any real estate professional.
  • Town planning: building or demolition permit, land regulation applicable (POS-PLU), land division, expertise with the intervention of a surveyor or a real estate expert.
  • Indivision: Division, dispute between undivided co-owners.